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The Divine Process

New Orleans, La - Divine Coatings Bathtub Refinishers

We Make Sure Its Done Right – The 1st Time

1) We utilize a two step factory developed process to remove any soap residue or other contaminants. Next, any damage including chips or rust are then treated and reparied.

2) We then mask off the surrounding area that is going to be reglazed. Plumbing fixtures, countertops & the floors are protected.

3) We then use a thermal application technique that heats the material fusing it to the surface for durability.

4) Next, our specialty formulated glazes are then spray on the surface. Our glazes does not use the acid etching system that others use to try to get their paints to stick to the surface. The Divine system will bond directly to most any hard surface.

The Safe Glaze

Safety is our #1 priority. You can rest assure that our process ends with ensuring our customers that all products used in the process are safe! Many in the refinishing industry use products that are dangerous not only to the refinisher but to his customer. Urethane based products (car paints) can be carcenogenic when inhaled by the refinisher, and pose a special danger to the customer because they produce a lethal gas in the event of a fire. The obsolete process of acid etching is not only difficult, but the acids themselves are very dangerous to work with.

Divine Coatings does not have this problem. The Kott Koatings products we use contain no urethanes and are designed for the protection and well being of both the refinisher and his customer – YOU! No acid etching is required, because the Kott Koatings products form a chemical bond, rather than a mechanical bond, with the surface.

Advantages Of Using Divine’s Process

  • High Acid & Stain Resistant Glaze
  • Ultra High Lustre & Gloss Level
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Easy To Clean Surfaces
  • Proven Safe Process
  • 1 Day Service
  • Full Written Warranty
  • Saving $$$ Over Replacement Costs
  • 100s of Colors To Choose

Is It Really Less Expensive Than Replacement?

Think about it. The bathtub is usually attached to three walls and was installed before those walls were put in. To remove the original tub and get a new one will require a contractor, plumber, dry-waller, painter, tile-setter & others. Replacement can take upto 2 weeks and create a huge mess in the meantime. Tub replacement cost runs from $1200 – $3000. Save with us and do what makes sense. Call Us Today!


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