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Advantages of Refinishing Bathtubs

What is Refinishing Bathtubs?

Refinishing bathtubs instead of replacing it is a relatively cost effective bathroom makeover alternative. With this option you can give a damaged and dirty bathtub a brand new look and color. In refinishing bathtubs chips and cracks are repaired to give a new look and feel to the bathtub. You can also change the color of the bathtub. Refinishing bathtubs will allow you to save thousands of dollars and also keep you away from days and weeks of wreckage mess of a costly replacement. According to National Kitchen and Bath Association the total estimated cost for bathtub replacement is $3,000 or more. On the other hand refinishing bathtubs cost is just a fraction of it, you can save up to 75% of replacement cost. Refinishing bathtubs will extend the life to 10-15 years or even more if you follow some basic care and guidelines suggested by the bathtub manufacturer. Commonly they advise against the use of harsh cleaning products.

Advantages of Refinishing Bathtubs
There are a number of advantages of refinishing bathtubs. It not only allows you to save your hard earned money and valuable time but it also has certain environmental benefits too. Refinishing is not only the method to repair bathtubs you can also repair other worn out and hard to clean fixtures like showers, countertops, ceramic tiles and sinks this way. You can refinish these fixtures and give a brand new look at a small cost. Refinishing bathtubs will effectively reduce the remodeling cost of a bathroom remodeling project. From home owners to realtors and hotel owners all can save money utilizing this option.

Time Saving Option
Refinishing will help you save a lot of time that normally is taken by bathtub replacement. It prevents unnecessary spread of clutter that occurs due to the replacement of a bathtub. Refinishing is done without any wastage of time in plumbing, cleaning and tile replacement. Refinishing bathtub can be completed within 3 to 6 hours depending on the condition of the bathtub. The most important thing is that after refinishing bathtub you do not need to wait for weeks to use it. You can use your bathtub from the next day of refinishing bathtub.

Refinishing Bathtubs enhance the Life of Bathtub
Refinishing bathtubs increases the life of a bathtub from 10 to 15 years. New tubs can be used a little more than refinished bathtubs. But the cost difference is huge if you compare the two. If the bathtub has few cracks and chips there is no need to replace it you can easily repair it with refinishing bathtub method and make it useable.

Wide Color Choice
You can choose any color for your bathtub when refinishing your bathtub. If you do not like the color scheme of your house you can change the color of bathtub according to your choice without breaking or replacing it. This will make your bathroom look renovated within a small budget.

Reduction in Carbon Foot Print
Carbon foot print is defined as the production of greenhouse gases. Refinishing bathtub in place of replacing bathtubs will greatly decreases this carbon foot print formed as result of replacing a bathtub. It saves valuable land space and energy resources that have been utilized in making new bathtubs and fixtures. That is how refinishing bathrooms instead of replacing all fixtures is an environment friendly.

Some other benefits of refinishing bathrooms include the following. It efficiently removes away the mold and fungus from the surface of the bathtub and makes cleaning very convenient while giving a new look. With low maintenance you can enjoy using your bathtub for long duration. Number of refinishing services are available that you can select from at an affordable price. Cost of refinishing bathtub depends on the area. With refinishing bathtubs you can save up to 80% of the money you are going to spend on replacement.

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