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Remodel Without Replacing
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Replace Or Reglaze

Renovation Or Remodeling, What Are Your Choices?

Well, you can either tear out the existing old unit or through a state of the art process, reglaze your existing unit. What’s the difference? A lot!

1) Cost Savings To Commercial & Residential Properties

Renovation is essential to the success of hotels, resorts, apartments and other properties like your home. To sell a home faster, rennovations is also necessary. Yet with today’s global economic distress, more and more companies and individuals are looking for ways to cut down the costs of renovation. As a Kott Koatings Dealer, Divine Coatings LLC can refurbish bath suites & kitchens through an exclusive process called reglazing (refinishing). With refinishing, you can save upto 90% of the cost to replace their fixtures. (See Below)

Added to the “Average Bathtub Installation Cost,” hotels & resorts also must add the cost for the loss of income/revenues, that is inevitable, caused by the “downtime” of the room(s) that are undergoing renovation.”

2) Convenience

While most people take thier things to a shop or garage to be fixed, authorized Kott Koatings dealers such as ourselves go to your home or location and fix your units on the spot!

3) Time Savings

Compare to replacing, refinishing is an efficient way to go. The downtime is virtually eliminated.

Aside from being time consuming, replacing is a very messy process. The walls and cermaic tiles need to be torn down. It also requires major plumbing work. This entails the services of not only the contractor, but 2 other specialists such as a plumber & the resetter, which is why the costs run into thousands of dollars.

4) Safety

While providing an economical way to upgarde fixtures, it is also necessary to keep safety in mind.

The Kott Koatings products along with our Divine Process are state of the art. They are not only safe for ones health, but to the environment as well. The company believes that it is imperative to preserve Mother Nature’s natural beauty and wildlife – its most valuable resources

5) Unbeatable Warranty

You will be surprised to know that a brand new bathtub has a limited warranty than a refinished bathtub. You’ll be given a written warranty on other fixtures as well.

As illustrated, YOU can greatly benefit from this much needed service. Call Us Today!


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